Mascot (v2.5.1)

Software package for the interpretation and evaluation of mass spectometry-based proteomics data. Mascot is platform-independent search engine for sequence database dependent protein identification from MS-data. Mascot uses various raw data formats of which mgf, mzML and mzData are the most common. A range of workflows for protein quantification such as emPAI, iTRAQ, TMT, or SILAC are supported by the Mascot software. Our in-house Mascot server can be interrogated directly through the Mascot web interface from any computer within the University of Otago network. The Mascot server can also be accessed through the Proteome Discoverer and Protein Pilot software suites from dedicated local computers within the CPR network or from any computer within the University of Otago network through the Mascot Deamon

Upon request we will provide users of the Centre for Protein Research with account and log in details to access the Mascot server at